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October 27, 2016
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Live at Truthdig: What Do the Dakota Access Pipeline Arrests Mean for First Amendment Rights?

The Truthdig team will sit down Thursday with documentary filmmakers Deia Schlosberg and Josh Fox to discuss the criminalization of journalists documenting the protests in North Dakota.
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Thomas Frank on Why Hillary Clinton Won’t Protect Americans From Wall Street (Video and Transcript)

Clinton "really believes" that "Wall Street banks are in fact run by fine, upstanding individuals who are opening up the doors of possibility for the poor people of the world," the author of "Listen, Liberal" told Truthdig at the Democratic National Convention.
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The Real Donald Trump Is Not a Populist Crusader but a Threat to Democracy

The Republican presidential candidate could use lawsuits to stretch out the election long after Nov. 8. Tying up the electoral process in the courts would be his "greatest" case yet.
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Tom Hayden: How I Became an Activist

In a 20-minute interview, left-wing activist Tom Hayden, who died Sunday at age 76, tells of his reluctant transformation from journalist to activist following an encounter with Martin Luther King Jr.

Robert Scheer and Thomas Frank on Democrats’ Shift Away From Addressing Inequality (Audio)

In this repost, Truthdig Editor in Chief Scheer interviews the author to discuss his new book, “Listen, Liberal,” about how the Democrat Party abandoned the American working class. (Frank will join Scheer in Los Angeles on Oct. 30 for a public discussion about the upcoming presidential election and Frank’s book. See the jump for more information.) Transcript added.

On Thursday, law enforcement dressed in riot gear began to forcibly shut down encampments on the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline.


In Arizona, unsubsidized premiums for a “second-lowest cost silver plan” will rise 116 percent from $196 to $422, the Department of Health and Human Services reports.


“Many families, nearly all of them Native American, can be seen running for the hills” in some of the most compelling, eye-level footage of the months-long protest.


An ideology of armed exceptionalism and the entrenched power of the arms lobby are the pillars that uphold the Defense Department’s $600 billion annual stranglehold on our tax dollars year after year.

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A new “Atlas of the Human Planet” shows how the world’s growing urban population compounds the destruction caused by global warming and puts the poorest at greatest risk.


Phil Cacioppo challenged the government’s findings on the chemical used extensively during the Vietnam War after the Veterans Administration rejected his claim for benefits. Six years later, the former Air Force radio repairman emerged the rare victor.


The renowned activists discussed America’s current “electoral extravaganza,” climate change, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and several other topics.


As the election closes, progressives are pushing candidates and issues up and down the political ladder and heeding the rallying cry by Democrats to sweep Republicans out of office.


Despite the “Chicken Little” hysteria of the Republican presidential candidate about world war and nuclear exchanges, many in the Kremlin see him as less pragmatic than his Democratic counterpart and are expecting to work with her.