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July 28, 2015
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Why I Support the BDS Movement Against Israel

To bring justice to Palestine, there are no mechanisms left except BDS -- boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.
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In ‘Best of Enemies,’ Politics Becomes the Spectator Sport We’re Still Watching

The documentary spotlights the riveting 1968 exchanges between Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley that set the bar for political TV and helped frame America’s culture wars.
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Americans’ Political Attitudes Polarized but Ambivalent

So accustomed are we to highlighting the polarized nature of our politics that we often forget how many Americans decline to be painted in bright reds or bright blues. Among us, there are pinks and turquoises and even purples. And these voters will matter a great deal to the elections in 2016 and beyond.

A report by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission in the U.K. found that wealthy, middle class parents are making sure that their children’s smarter, financially disadvantaged peers stay put in the socioeconomic hierarchy.


Those of you who’ve been looking for somewhere to watch Jose Antonio Vargas’ “White People,” look no further.


Professor of cognitive science George Lakoff argues convincingly that the left makes several grave mistakes with regards to how it frames issues and by doing so has ceded important ground to the right.


Here are some signs that we won’t be talking about the Islamic State group in just a few years.

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A new study reveals a substantial global gap in climate-change awareness, attesting to a stark contrast between rich and poor nations.


The new policy still allows church-organized local units to consider sexual orientation when deciding who can volunteer and lead Scout groups.


Breaking with diplomatic protocol, the president lashed out at Republican presidential candidates including Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz during an official visit to Ethiopia.


None of the bodies uncovered have been linked to the Ayotzinapa students missing for the past 10 months.


The international financial organization has warned of economic trouble ahead for the eurozone as worry over Greece lingers, unemployment remains high and the banking sector struggles to shake off the residue of the financial crisis.

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VIDEO: How Rape Survivors Are Fighting Sexual Violence in India

Harrowing personal accounts of rape victims in this video highlight the work of an advocacy group demanding better policing and public awareness of sexual violence in India.

VIDEO: Donald Trump Was a ‘POW’ ... Yes, Wharton Is Hell

Like Sen. John McCain, presidential hopeful Donald Trump suffered torture during the Vietnam War, says Funny or Die.