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July 29, 2016
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Michael Nigro

A Lens on the Democratic Convention: Two Americas (Multimedia)

The Democratic and Republican conventions showed the great divide between insiders and outsiders. If what was happening inside a political convention could be merged with what was happening outside, perhaps such gatherings would be more representative of our country.
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Editor's note: Award-winning cartoonist Mr. Fish is covering the Democratic National Convention for Truthdig with drawings done on-site in Philadelphia. See all of his illustrations from the convention here.
Mr. Fish's Cartoon

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, visitors to Philadelphia's City Hall courtyard were invited to express themselves and create huge murals that demonstrate the power and significance of art. With only red, white and blue paint available, and with the folding tables open to the murderous sun, the entire activity attracted no one, seemingly reflecting the current election process, in which one is offered a simplistic palette limited to patriotic clichés and a woefully unpleasant arena in which to celebrate the mythology of absolute creative freedom. Only one of the event organizers could be seen working—a decoy hoping to attract others to his apparent agony. (Mr. Fish)

Live From Philadelphia: Robert Scheer, Jeff Cohen, Norman Solomon on Dissatisfied Delegates (Video)

On Day 4 of the Democratic National Convention, Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer sat down with special guests Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon to discuss dissatisfaction among Bernie Sanders' delegates.
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Activist Shines Light on Clinton’s Dirty Foreign Policy in Honduras (Video)

Sha Grogan Brown traveled in a caravan from the Republican convention in Cleveland to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. He explains how neither of the major-party candidates represents the interests of Grassroots Global Justice Alliance members.

Robert Scheer Questions Lawrence Summers and Michael Blumenthal on the 2008 Financial Crash (Video)

On Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention, Truthdig’s editor in chief confronted the two former Treasury secretaries about the role financial deregulation played in the Wall Street crash.

A lengthy fact check by The Associated Press shows that while Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech on Thursday night contained minor inaccuracies, Trump’s speech on the same day was full of numbers and assertions that were wholly incorrect.


Medea Benjamin explains how Ariel Gold, a Code Pink activist, was kicked out of the convention hall for protesting New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s opposition to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.


The whistleblower could be subject to indefinite solitary confinement and may lose any chance of parole if the Army convicts her of what the ACLU calls “administrative offenses.”


This female-driven thriller, starring Anna Gunn of “Breaking Bad” fame, is a study of a cutthroat species in its natural habitat and plays on expectations and conventions with some surprising twists.

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The president’s exhortations on Hillary Clinton’s behalf reflect a profound change in our politics since 2008, when Obama and Clinton represented very different views of how the system works and how change happens.


The Democratic presidential nominee has been known as a polarizing figure for most of her public life. She took a step toward being a uniter to close the convention.


Virginia landowners have asked Hillary Clinton’s running mate to come out against the planned Atlantic Coast Pipeline. After reviewing his record, environmentalists have concerns about the senator.


It’s no mistake that the Democratic Party, which historically has claimed a stake in labor unions’ interests, has cozied up to Uber, one of the least worker-friendly businesses, to service its national convention.


Inspired by the Sanders political revolution, John Ainsworth left his home in Rhode Island to protest at the Democratic National Convention.