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The Unwomanly Face of War
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About Truthdig

Truthdig, founded in 2005 by Publisher Zuade Kaufman and Editor in Chief Robert Scheer, is dedicated to reporting on current issues that are insufficiently covered by mainstream media. The website’s mission is to dig beneath the headlines, provide expert reporting and commentary from a progressive point of view, and offer an outlet for original work by exceptional journalists.

Truthdig rests on the bedrock of independent journalism, and we insist that our reporting meet the highest standards.

Over the years, our peers have recognized our efforts. Our honors include six Webby Awards, 18 awards from the Los Angeles Press Club and affiliated organizations, and three awards from the Society of Professional Journalists.

We do not tell any of our contributors what to write, and the website does not always agree with the views of its writers and bloggers: We are proud to have created a home for provocative and talented writers and to give them the freedom to pursue a story wherever it takes them.

Truthdig’s team is composed of writers and editors who have worked for The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Daily News and other major publications. Guiding the staff is Robert Scheer, an award-winning journalist with more than 50 years’ experience.

Unlike at most media companies, ads and the income they produce do not play a big role in Truthdig’s operation. The site is not influenced by advertisers or shareholders and is not controlled by any outside entity. This independence gives us great freedom and great responsibility.

A continuing concern for Truthdig is how to sustain its quality. Digital media is the new frontier for content, but thus far very few online news companies have found ways to maintain adequate funding. Almost two-thirds of the $60 billion spent on digital advertising annually goes to five large tech companies whose news gathering efforts are minimal and at times even suspect. The rest of the ad spending is divided among the online elements of newspapers, television and cable channels and sites such as ours.

Our steadfast commitment brings us grants from foundations and philanthropists and contributions from readers who want to ensure that excellent reporting and commentary thrive on the web. In support of that goal, the Truthdig Fund has been set up to accept tax-deductible contributions.

Even with these funding sources, our budget is stretched by paying writers and contributors, employing an in-house editing and fact-checking staff and undertaking special endeavors such as publishing the reports of women global writers. Because Truthdig won’t lower its standards, it must constantly seek new funding.

Please help us drill for the facts and stay beholden to none.


Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Political Column/Commentary—Election - Sonali Kolhatkar, "We Need to Understand What Happened on Election Night, and Fast"
Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Investigative - Amelia Pang, "Who’s in the Kitchen at Chinese Restaurants?: An Investigative Report"
Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Editorial Cartoon - Mr. Fish, "Nothing to See Here"

Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Online Celebrity Feature - John Patterson, "30 Years Gone, and Oh, How We Still Love Orson Welles"
Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Online Book/Cultural Critic - Tim Riley, "The Man Who Invented Rock ’n’ Roll"
Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, News Organization Exclusive to the Internet - Zuade Kaufman and Robert Scheer, Truthdig
Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Online Political Column/Commentary - Chris Hedges, "We Are All Greeks Now"
Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Activism Journalism, All Platforms - Bill Boyarsky, "Why Ending Homelessness Is Political Poison.”
Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Entertainment News, Online - Kasia Anderson, "Politicon 2015: Ann Coulter Claims She Fed Donald Trump ‘That Spicy Stuff on Mexican Rapists.’”
Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Entertainment Reviews, Online - Natasha Hakimi Zapata, "I Am the Beggar of the World"

Southern California Journalism Award: First Place, Activism Journalism - Chris Hedges: "The Last Days of Tomas Young"
Maggie Award: Best Regularly Featured Web or ENewsletter Column/Trade & Consumer (Truthdig Book Reviews)

National Arts and Entertainment Journalism Award: Online News - Kasia Anderson, "Dustin Lance Black Speaks: Pasadena City College Officials Created ‘Toxic and Dishonest’ Atmosphere"
Webby Award: Best Political Blog, People's Voice
Maggie Award: Best Publication Blog (Ear to the Ground)

National Entertainment Journalism Award: Online Critic - Peter Richardson, "The Science Delusion"
Webby Award - Best Political Website, Jury
Southern California Journalism Award: Best Website, Exclusive to the Internet - Truthdig

Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi Award: Online Column Writing (Independent) - Robert Scheer, “The Great Recession, c. 2011
Southern California Journalism Award: Online Journalist of the Year - Chris Hedges
National Entertainment Journalism Award: Online Critic - Mel White, "Jesus Was Lynched"

Webby Award: Best Political Blog, Jury
Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi Award: Editorial Cartooning, Mr. Fish
Southern California Journalism Award: Best Website, Exclusive to the Internet - Truthdig
Southern California Journalism Award: Online Sports News/Feature/Commentary - Mark Heisler, "Role Models for the Id"

Webby Award: Best Political Blog, Jury
Society of Professional Journalists, Los Angeles Pro Chapter Award: Distinguished Work in New Media: Robert Scheer
Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi Award: Editorial Cartooning, Mr. Fish
Southern California Journalism Award: Best Website, Exclusive to the Internet – Budget Over 10K - Truthdig
Southern California Journalism Award: Online Journalist of the Year - Bill Boyarsky
Southern California Journalism Award: Online Column/Commentary/Criticism - Chris Hedges, “One Day We'll All Be Terrorists
Southern California Journalism Award: Online Sports News/Feature/Commentary - Mark Heisler, "It’s Not About Tiger Woods, It’s About Us"

Southern California Journalism Award: Online Journalist of the Year - Chris Hedges
Southern California Journalism Award: Online News Story, Feature, Series or Package - Scott Ritter, "Dinner With Ahmed"
Southern California Journalism Award: Online Column/Commentary/Criticism - Chris Hedges, “Party to Murder
Maggie Award: Best Regularly Featured Web Column (Book Review)

Maggie Award: Best Regularly Featured Web Column (Book Review)
Interactive Media Award: Outstanding Achievement, Blog
Interactive Media Award: Outstanding Achievement, News
Webby Award: Official Honoree, Best Copy/Writing

Webby Award: Best Political Blog, Jury
Webby Award: Best Political Blog, People’s Voice

Truthdig was a finalist for the following awards. 2010: Webby Awards: Best Political Website; Online Journalism Awards: Online Commentary/Blogging (Chris Hedges). 2009: Webby Awards: Best Political Website; Maggie Awards: Best Web Article (Chris Hedges, "The Best and the Brightest Led America Off a Cliff"). 2008: Online Journalism Awards: General Excellence, Medium Site, and Topical Reporting (Bill Boyarsky, “On the Campaign Trail”); Webby Awards: Official Nominee, Politics; Maggie Awards: Best Web Column (Bill Boyarsky, “On the Campaign Trail”); Maggie Awards: Best Website; Weblog Awards: Best Liberal Blog; Weblog Awards: Best Political Coverage.


Robert Scheer
Robert Scheer,
Editor in Chief
Zuade Kaufman
Zuade Kaufman,
Kasia Anderson
Kasia Anderson,
Deputy Editor
Eric Ortiz
Eric Ortiz,
Managing Editor
Eunice Wong
Eunice Wong,
Book Editor
Natasha Hakimi
Natasha Hakimi Zapata,
Poetry Editor & Assistant Editor
Emma Niles
Emma Niles,
Assistant Editor
Haley Winters
Haley Winters,
Social Media Coordinator
Sarah Wesley
Sarah Wesley,
Communications Coordinator
Donald Kaufman
Clara Romeo
Clara Romeo,
Editorial Assistant

Copy Editors

The members of the Truthdig copy desk are:

Copy desk chief Tom Caswell joined Truthdig at its founding in 2005 when he retired at the Los Angeles Times, where he had been copy desk chief of the editorial pages and an editor in several Pulitzer-winning projects. Earlier, he was at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the New Orleans States-Item, the Beaumont (Texas) Enterprise and the Lake Charles (La.) American Press. He is a former teacher at Whittier College and in the UCLA Extension system, and he lectures occasionally at Occidental College in Los Angeles. He has worked in journalism since the 1960s.

Viv Chamichian has more than 35 years of experience in journalism. Before joining Truthdig, she was a news copy editor at the Los Angeles Times, features copy desk chief at the San Diego Union-Tribune, assistant Scene editor at the San Diego Evening Tribune, features editor at the Muskegon (Mich.) Chronicle and a copy editor at the Saginaw (Mich.) News.

Heidi Swillinger has nearly four decades of experience reporting and editing for newspapers including the San Francisco Chronicle, the Eugene (Ore.) Register-Guard, and Central City Extra, which covered San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. Her pioneering work in social media was shortlisted for the 2003 Knight Foundation’s Batten Award for Innovations in Journalism and is now archived at the University of California at Berkeley’s Bancroft Library. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Oregon.

Gregory Glover began in journalism as a copy boy for Britain's South Wales Argus. In a career spanning more than 50 years, he has also been a copy editor, a news editor and a managing editor in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 1980s, he became Page 1 editor of the Oakland Tribune and other dailies in what is now the Bay Area News Group. He has won statewide awards in California for editorial writing, page design and media excellence.

Barbara Dunlap is an award-winning journalist with 30 years of writing and editing experience at publications including the San Francisco Chronicle. Among her honors is a Knight Foundation National Copy Editing Fellowship. She has a master's degree from the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia, frequently ranked as one of the leading U.S. journalism schools.

Anita Salzberg has been a writer and copy editor for more than 35 years. As a direct marketing consultant she wrote promotions for medical, professional and trade book publishing, as well as for Time Inc. magazines, Cunard and the American Management Association. For most of the decade before she joined Truthdig she was editorial manager of the American Red Cross in Greater New York. She has co-authored three books for the children’s library market and has written for The New York Times Magazine and Omni and Health magazines.

Sheri Gordon, a former copy desk editor for the Los Angeles Times, is the book review copy editor for Truthdig.

Truthdig Contributors

Bill Blum
Bill Blum,
Bill Boyarsky
Bill Boyarsky,
Political correspondent
Juan Cole
Juan Cole,
Mark Fiore
Mark Fiore,
Mr. Fish
Mr. Fish,
Chris Hedges
Chris Hedges,
Sonali Kolhatkar
Sonali Kolhatkar,
Robert Scheer
Robert Scheer,
Editor in Chief


The following is the complete list of contributors to Truthdig.

Chris Abani, Contributor
Carol J. Adams, Contributor
Moshe Adler, Contributor
Rayyan Al-Shawaf, Reviewer
Leilani Albano, Contributor
Andrew Foster Altschul, Contributor
Alexa Sue Amore, Contributor
Kasia Anderson, Deputy Editor
Nick Anderson, Cartoonist
Perry Anderson, Reviewer
David Antoon, Contributor
Christian G. Appy, Reviewer
Mark Arax, Reviewer
Tom Artin, Reviewer
Jabari Asim, Columnist
Sheerly Avni, Contributor
The Rev. Ed Bacon, Contributor
Anna Badkhen, Contributor
Juan Bagnell, Contributor
Charles Baker-Boyd, Contributor
Benjamin Barber, Contributor
Allen Barra, Contributor
Jim Lair Beard, Contributor
Andrew Becker, Contributor
Ben Behrooz, Director of Social Media
Larry Beinhart, Contributor
Clay Bennett, Cartoonist
Thor Benson,
Jenna Berbeo,
Lucy Berbeo, Assistant Publisher
Jeremy Bernstein, Reviewer
Julie Bindel, Contributor
Norman Birnbaum, Contributor
Tony Blankley, Contributing Columnist
Arthur Blaustein, Contributor
James G. Blight, Contributor
Tracy Bloom, Assistant Editor
Bill Blum, Contributor
Larry Blumenfeld, Contributor
Steven Borowiec, Contributor
Andy Borowitz, Contributing Columnist
Chesa Boudin, Reviewer
Liesl Bradner, Reviewer
Fred Branfman, Contributor
Carol Brightman, Contributor
Peter Brooks, Reviewer
Stephen Brown, Reviewer
Zbigniew Brzezinski, Contributor
Alexis Camins, Contributor
Lou Cannon, Reviewer
Cameron Cardow, Cartoonist
T.L. Caswell, Contributor
Thomas Caswell, Copy Editor
Ken Catalino, Cartoonist
Viv Chamichian,
Samantha Chan,
Celia Chazelle, Reviewer
John Cheney-Lippold, Contributor
Robert Christgau, Reviewer
Jane Ciabattari, Reviewer
Marie Cocco, Columnist
Andrew Cockburn, Contributor
Patrick Cockburn, Contributor
Elliot D. Cohen, Contributor
Warren I. Cohen, Reviewer
Marjorie Cohn, Contributor
Juan Cole, Contributor
David Coleman, Contributor
Robert Collier, Contributor
Joe Conason, Columnist
Paul Conrad, Cartoonist
Marc Cooper, Contributor
John Crawford, Contributor
Eileen Cronin, Contributor
Paul Cummins, Contributor
Tad Daley, Contributor
Jeff Danziger, Cartoonist
Lauren B. Davis, Reviewer
Mike Davis, Contributor
Roisin Davis,
Marcia Alesan Dawkins, Columnist
Elizabeth de la Vega, Contributor
John Dean, Contributor
Michael Deibert, Contributor
Jon Dillingham, Contributor
E.J. Dionne Jr., Columnist
Michael Dirda, Reviewer
Mark Dowie, Reviewer
Barbara Dunlap, Contributor
Will Durst, Contributor
David Egen,
Carolyn Eisenberg, Reviewer
Kajsa Ekis Ekman, Contributor
Rosa Elizalde, Contributor
Adam Elkus, Contributor
Richard Ellis, Contributor
Daniel Ellsberg, Contributor
Tom Engelhardt, Contributor
Jason Epstein, Contributor
Reese Erlich, Contributor
Donald Fanger, Reviewer
John Mack Faragher, Contributor
Mike Farrell, Contributor
Bruce Fein, Contributor
Jay Feldman, Reviewer
Mark Fiore, Contributing Cartoonist
Mark A. Fischer, Reviewer
Mr. Fish, Cartoonist
Robert Fisk, Contributor
Richard Flacks, Reviewer
Chip Fleischer, Contributor
Will Ford, Contributor
Steve Fraser, Reviewer
Rosa-Linda Fregoso, Contributor
Ellen Garrison, Reviewer
Gene Gerard, Contributor
Susan Gillman, Reviewer
Todd Gitlin, Contributor
Aaron Glantz, Contributor
Stan Goff, Contributor
Danny Goldberg, Reviewer
Barry Golson, Contributor
Tyler Golson, Contributor
Amy Goodman, Columnist
Ellen Goodman, Columnist
Sheri Gordon, Copy Desk Chief
Michael Gorra, Contributor
Roger Gould, Contributor
Kevin Douglas Grant,
Susan Griffin, Contributor
Larry Gross, Contributor
Andrew Gumbel, Contributor
Natasha Hakimi Zapata, Assistant Editor and Poetry Editor
Theodore Hamm, Contributor
Sam Harris, Contributor
Danny Postel and Nader Hashemi, Contributors
Tom Hayden, Contributor
Thomas Hedges, Contributor
Jacob Heilbrunn, Reviewer
Anthony Heilbut, Reviewer
Mark Heisler, Contributor
Doug Henwood, Contributor
Mary Hershberger, Contributor
Tasbeeh Herwees, Contributor
Lena Herzog,
Steven Hill, Contributor
John Holmes, Reviewer
Megan Hustad, Reviewer
H. Patricia Hynes, Contributor
Gary Indiana, Reviewer
Michael Intriligator, Contributor
Susan Jacoby, Reviewer
Martin Jacques, Contributor
Dahr Jamail, Contributor
Chalmers Johnson, Contributor
Troy Jollimore, Reviewer
Channing Joseph, Contributor
Nudrat Kamal, Contributor
Carla Kaplan, Contributor
Zachary Karabell, Contributor
Donald Kaufman, Correspondent
Zuade Kaufman, Publisher
Michael Kazin, Reviewer
Nikki Keddie, Reviewer
Alexander Reed Kelly, Associate Editor
Tom Kemper, Contributor
Anthony Kenny, Reviewer
Christopher Ketcham, Contributor
Parag Khanna, Contributor
David Kipen, Reviewer
John Kiriakou, Contributor
Jonathan Kirsch, Reviewer
Sonali Kolhatkar, Columnist
Joel Kotkin, Reviewer
Steven Kotler, Contributor
Ron Kovic, Contributor
Dennis Kucinich, Contributor
Mark Kurlansky, Contributor
Stanley Kutler, Contributor
Saul Landau, Contributor
Barry Lando, Contributor
John Lasker, Contributor
Eric Lax, Reviewer
Derek Lazzaro, Contributor
Titus Levi, Contributor
Jeremiah Levine, Contributor
Yasha Levine, Contributor
Simon Lewis, Reviewer
Susie Linfield, Reviewer
Victoria Livingstone, Contributor
Rosa Lowinger, Reviewer
Mike Luckovich, Cartoonist
Ruben Luengas, Contributor
John Lukacs, Reviewer
Edna Machirori, Contributor
Jeff Madrick, Reviewer
Mark Malseed, Contributor
Ruth Marcus, Contributor
Regina Marler, Reviewer
Pilar Marrero, Contributor
Scott Martelle, Contributor
Alexander M. Martin, Reviewer
Yxta Maya Murray, Reviewer
Allen McDuffee, Contributor
Douglas McGill, Contributor
Karl E. Meyer, Reviewer
Ivo Mijnssen, Contributor
Alan Minsky, Contributor
Chris Mooney, Contributor
David Moore, Contributor
Caroline Moorehead, Reviewer
Zubeida Mustafa, Contributor
André Naffis-Sahely, Reviewer
Andrew Nagorski, Reviewer
Cristina Nehring, Contributor
Christian Neumeister, Intern
Glen Newey, Reviewer
Michael Nigro, Contributor
Emma Niles, Assistant Editor
Mark O'Connell,
John Ogden, Contributor
China Okasi, Contributor
Eric Ortiz, Managing Editor
Greg Palast, Contributor
Amelia Pang, Contributor
Christian Parenti, Contributor
Cherilyn Parsons, Contributor
Eve Pell, Reviewer
Suzanne Pepper, Reviewer
William Pfaff, Columnist
Gary Phillips, Contributor
Tony Platt, Contributor
Sergei Plekhanov, Contributor
Dwayne Powell, Cartoonist
Chiranuch Premchaiporn, Contributor
Nomi Prins, Contributor
Tracy Quan, Reviewer
Ryan Quinn, Contributor
Jean Randich, Reviewer
Shaun Randol, Reviewer
Frederic Raphael, Reviewer
Janice G. Raymond, Contributor
Helen Redmond, Contributor
Richard Reeves, Syndicated Columnist
Robert Reich, Contributor
Peter Richardson, Reviewer
Carrie Rickey, Contributor
Jordan Riefe, Contributor
David Rieff, Reviewer
Tim Riley, Reviewer
Scott Ritter, Contributor
Eugene Robinson, Contributor
Francis Robinson, Reviewer
KiMi Robinson, Intern
Laura Robinson, Contributor
Clara Romeo, Contributor
Mike Rose, Contributor
Nir Rosen, Dig Leader
Ruth Rosen, Contributor
Onnesha Roychoudhuri, Contributor
Louise Rubacky, Reviewer
Heather Sarantis, Contributor
Mark Sarvas, Contributor
Jeremy Scahill, Contributor
Ed Schad, Contributor
Christopher Scheer,
Joshua Scheer, Contributor
Peter Z. Scheer, Managing Editor
Robert Scheer, Editor in Chief
Orville Schell, Contributor
Richard Schickel, Contributor
Nicholas Schmidle, Contributor
G.W. Schulz, Contributor
Sharon Scranage, Contributor
Ruth Scurr, Reviewer
Barry F. Seidman, Contributor
Molly Selvin, Contributor
Robin Shamburg, Reviewer
Jonathan Shapiro, Reviewer
Richard Shelton, Reviewer
Carey Shenkman, Contributor
Scott Sherman, Reviewer
The Rev. Madison Shockley, Contributor
Nicholas Shumaker, Contributor
Dan Siegel, Contributor
Aram Sinnreich, Contributor
Demitrious C. Sinor, Contributor
David Sirota, Contributor
Travis Smith, Web Developer
Timothy Snyder, Reviewer
Norman Solomon, Columnist
Howie Stier, Contributor
Deanne Stillman, Contributor
Peter Stothard, Reviewer
Paul Street, Contributor
Susanne Strimling, Contributor
Kip Sullivan, Contributor
Bhaskar Sunkara, Contributor
Paul Szep, Cartoonist
Danielle Tarasiuk,
Carol Tavris, Reviewer
Sunsara Taylor, Contributor
Peta Thornycroft, Contributor
Rory Thost, Publishing Intern
Kevin Tillman, Contributor
John Timpane, Reviewer
Sandy Tolan, Contributor
Adrienne Travis,
Scott Tucker, Contributor
Nick Turse, Reviewer
Lauren Unger-Geoffroy, Contributor
Heather Urquhart,
Ebony Utley, Contributor
Amy Uyematsu, Poetry Contributor
Gore Vidal, Contributor
Milton Viorst, Reviewer
Paul Von Blum, Contributor
Nicholas von Hoffman, Contributor
Karen Lee Wald, Contributor
Richard Walden, Contributor
D.J. Waldie, Reviewer
Ed Ward, Reviewer
Curren Warf, Contributor
Claire Wasserman, Reviewer
Harvey Wasserman, Contributor
Steve Wasserman, Contributor
Bernard Weisberger, Contributor
Lawrence Weschler, Contributor
Sara Weschler, Contributor
Sarah Wesley, Communications Coordinator
Pamela Alma Weymouth, Contributor
Katherine Wharton, Reviewer
Stuart Whatley, Contributor
Geoffrey Wheatcroft, Reviewer
Mel White, Reviewer
Jon Wiener, Contributor
Amy Wilentz, Reviewer
Signe Wilkinson, Cartoonist
Wellford Wilms, Contributor
Emily Wilson, Contributor
Brenda Wineapple, Reviewer
Haley Winters, Social Media Coordinator
Eunice Wong, Book Editor
Col. Ann Wright, Contributor
Susan Zakin, Contributor