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Howie Stier


Howie Stier
Howie Stier

Howie Stier is a journalist, artist and comic who writes the blog He reported for The New York Times and CBS Television and covered...


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Ear to the Ground

Perpetuating Modern Day Slavery

Photo by Les Chatfield (CC-BY)

Soliciting a modern day slave to write about modern day slaves? Great concept for an improv comedy sketch. Although it might seem sad, and funny, it’s exactly what an advertiser on a media job board has done.

Posted on Aug 1, 2012 READ MORE


College Budget Cuts Make Life Grueling for America’s Young and Unemployed

Photo by Basheer Tome (CC-BY)

Students now piece together a degree at different schools the way the underemployed desperately piece together a paycheck with a string of shifts at different employers.

Posted on Jun 13, 2012 READ MORE


The Gay, Jewish, Pro-Pot Republican Candidate Has Something to Say

Karger Campaign

Fred Karger is a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination—one of five remaining, if you count him.

Posted on Mar 21, 2012 READ MORE
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Arts and Culture

This Isn’t ‘Entourage’: Hollywood’s Talented, Ambitious and Broke

AP / Amy Sancetta

A pall has been cast over the creative capital of the planet as the recession has blurred the distinction between emerging artist and mid-career artist, both willing to work on projects for little or no pay.

Posted on Oct 3, 2010 READ MORE


Waking Up in the 1930s

AP / Mark Lennihan

In the year 2010, America once again embraced the bread line, and the neatly dressed, solidly middle class, once working folk who queue up are just becoming reconciled to a stark new reality.

Posted on Sep 2, 2010 READ MORE

Howie Stier
Howie Stier

Howie Stier is a journalist, artist and comic who writes the blog

He reported for The New York Times and CBS Television and covered over 1000 homicides in Harlem and the Bronx, including the 1998 police shooting of Amadou Diallo, uncovered crucial facts in the the Wendy’s Massacre and found unsafe conditions in a New York City-run homeless shelter for the Times. He was embedded with anarchist groups during the Republican National Convention and World Economic Forum protests and reported from Ground Zero on 9/11.

His investigation into traffic fatalities in a South Bronx neighborhood
resulted in implementing traffic calming measures that save lives.

He uncovered a love affair that led to the arrest of two fugitive killers in the 2000 Texas Seven case, the largest police manhunt in U.S. history.

Covering the entertainment beat in Los Angeles, he’s become familiarized with the back alleys of Hollywood Boulevard as well as the Sunset Strip, landing exclusives on Nicole Richie’s arrest and Pam Anderson’s miscarriage and divorce.

For television he investigated actor Owen Wilson’s suicide bid, revealed a secret sex room in a Hollywood nightclub, produced TV segments on animal rescuers in California wildfires and covered O.J. Simpson’s Las Vegas criminal trial.

He shows his paintings and can be seen performing comedy around Los Angeles and NYC. He is currently a contributing critic to Artslant.

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