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Ruth Rosen


Ruth Rosen

Ruth Rosen is a professor emerita of history at the University of California, Davis She is the editor of the highly acclaimed Maimie Papers, and...


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Academia Is Still Plagued by Sexual Harassment and Assaults

Anita Hill’s groundbreaking testimony at the 1991 confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas gave women new language for coping with age-old problems. But it didn’t make the problems go away.

Posted on Jul 12, 2016 READ MORE

Arts and Culture : Book Review

Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights

What was lost during the endless battles over abortion, Katha Pollitt writes in her new book, was not only the right to abortion, but a larger feminist claim for sexual freedom, economic equality and social independence.

Posted on Oct 17, 2014 READ MORE

Arts and Culture : Book Review

A Broken Hallelujah

Leonard Cohen’s music was like “cluster bombs,” Liel Leibovitz writes. “They dropped fast, penetrated deeply, and set off a series of ongoing explosions that resonated long after they were first heard.”

Posted on May 9, 2014 READ MORE
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Arts and Culture : Book Review

Maxed Out

Seal Press

This is the story of one working mother who suddenly discovers she can no longer be a superwoman. But what’s needed is a political and economic context in which working mothers can understand their situation.

Posted on Oct 11, 2013 READ MORE

Arts and Culture : Book Review

Ruth Rosen on ‘The Populist Vision’

book cover

Do the socially progressive ideals that jump-started 20th-century reform movements have lessons relevant to the concerns of 21st-century America? A new book makes a strong case that they do.

Posted on Jul 3, 2008 READ MORE

Ruth Rosen
Ruth Rosen

Ruth Rosen is a professor emerita of history at the University of California, Davis

She is the editor of the highly acclaimed Maimie Papers, and author of the classic Prostitution in America. She also authored the widely read The World Split Open: How the Modern Women’s Movement Changed America, which was a book-of-month selection, a finalist for the Non-Fiction Award, given by the Bay Area Reviewers Association, and a “best-of-the-year” book of the Los Angeles Times.

An award-winning journalist, she wrote op-ed columns for the The Los Angeles Times for 11 years and then worked as a political columnist and editorial page writer at the San Francisco Chronicle from 2000-2004. Her editorials won regional and national awards, including those given by the Society of Professional Journalists, the National Federation of Women Legislators, and the National Association for the Mentally Ill.

She also taught public policy and history at the University of California, Berkeley from 2004-2011.

She writes for many magazines and journals, including, the History New Network,, the American Prospect, Dissent, The Nation, AlterNet, Open Democracy and Truthdig.

She lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband.

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