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Susan Zakin


Susan Zakin
Susan Zakin

Susan Zakin was once called “the female environmental Hunter Thompson.” A graduate of Columbia University’s journalism school, Zakin is the author...


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‘The Failed State Chick’ on Boko Haram

“The abduction of the girls is, of course, an extremely grave crime,” journalist Corinne Dufka says. “But to focus exclusively on the girls lacks an appreciation of the wide and systematic crimes committed by Boko Haram in recent years, and also by the Nigerian army since the state of emergency was declared almost a year ago.”

Posted on May 24, 2014 READ MORE


Collapse of the Eighth Continent: Shangri-La Meets Global Capitalism

AP/Themba Hadebe

Madagascar’s graceful society and unique natural wonders developed over thousands of years; it has taken less than a decade to put it all on life support.

Posted on Dec 19, 2013 READ MORE


The French Method: How Africa’s Old Colonial Nemesis Fights Terrorism in the Sahara

AP/Jerome Delay

Few Americans outside the Pentagon have been watching Mali, where a midsummer election marked the end of a painful year of civil war and incendiary Islamic radicalism.

Posted on Oct 23, 2013 READ MORE
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The ‘B’ Word: Republicans Fan the Flames of Ageism

AP/Matt Rourke

With millennials up for grabs and Democratic front-runners getting older, boomer bashing is all the rage in politics.

Posted on Jul 9, 2013 READ MORE


Real American Boy: How Our Byzantine Immigration System and Failed Economy May Have Made a Terrorist


It’s likely Tamerlan Tsarnaev was just another angry young man in our brave new America, a burgeoning dystopia where mass murder suddenly seems like a weekly occurrence.

Posted on May 20, 2013 READ MORE

Arts and Culture

‘Zero Dark Thirty’: Kathryn Bigelow Shows Us the Things We Carried

When “Zero Dark Thirty” opens nationally Friday, many moviegoers will already have made up their minds.

Posted on Jan 11, 2013 READ MORE


The Season of Our Disillusionment

During the December holidays I feel the urge to watch old black and white movies, preferably those starring Jimmy Stewart. This year, “It’s a Wonderful Life” is too painful, a reminder of what we used to be but aren’t anymore.

Posted on Dec 24, 2012 READ MORE

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Susan Zakin
Susan Zakin

Susan Zakin was once called “the female environmental Hunter Thompson.” A graduate of Columbia University’s journalism school, Zakin is the author of “Coyotes and Town Dogs: Earth First! and the Environmental Movement” (Viking) and “In Katrina’s Wake: Portraits of Loss from an Unnatural Disaster.” She edited the anthology “Naked: Writers Uncover the Way We Live on Earth,” and her articles and essays have appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, and literary journals.

Her latest book is “The Afterlife of Victor Kamara,” a novel about identity in a globalizing world, or, for the elevator pitch crowd, Entourage with AK-47s. Set in Africa and the U.S., the book’s main character is a young West African army lieutenant who seizes power in a coup only to find himself living as a soccer dad in suburban Virginia.

Susan Zakin is the co-founder of nature + culture, an ecotravel business in Lamu, Kenya:

Keep up with Susan Zakin on her website,, or on Facebook at

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